Q:  How do I adjust my Fitwell Micro-Adjust buckle?

On the wrist: Slide the buckle with two fingers as shown here.

Off the wrist: Simply pull or push the buckle with finger and thumb along its slot as shown here.

Q:  How can I tell which micro-adjust position my Fitwell buckle is in?

It can be difficult to see the spring bars within the arm slots, so we added an indicator to make it easier. When the small triangle near the tip of the tang is visible, your Fitwell buckle is in the looser of two positions:

When the triangle is not visible, the buckle is in the tighter position:


Q: How much adjustment does the Fitwell Micro-Adjust buckle provide?

There is 3mm of spacing between the tight and loose positions. Most straps have around 6mm or 7mm of spacing between holes so this figure represents roughly a "half hole" of adjustment. Let us know if you'd like to see a longer buckle with larger spacing here!

Q:  Is it normal for one arm of the buckle to snap into position slightly before the other one?

Yes. If you adjust the buckle slowly, you may notice that one side or the other snaps into position first. If you adjust the buckle more quickly, this will not be noticeable. And don't worry, the buckle has been tested in this offset position, so even if you inadvertently adjust only one side, the buckle will still keep the watch on your wrist!

As a matter of fact, adjusting only one side yields a "half adjustment" of around 1.25mm, though the buckle will sit at a slight angle so we don't count this as a feature!

Q:  What size Fitwell buckle should I buy?

Fitwell buckles are available in a variety of widths to accommodate most watch straps. For non-tapered (straight) watch straps, select the Fitwell buckle size that corresponds with your strap width. For tapered straps, we recommend measuring your existing buckle width inside the buckle, or the strap itself where the buckle attaches, and choosing the Fitwell buckle size that matches. Typically tapered straps measure 2mm - 4mm narrower at the buckle than at the lugs. For example, if your 20mm strap (at the lugs) tapers to 16mm at the buckle, a 16mm Fitwell buckle would be the correct size.