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Fitwell Buckles

Fitwell Model One Stainless Steel

Fitwell Model One Stainless Steel

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The Fitwell Model One Stainless Steel allows easy micro-adjustment of your existing watch straps. If you find that you are often stuck between sizes on your watch straps, or want an easy way to make small adjustments in warmer or cooler weather, Fitwell Buckles are the answer. They double the number of hole positions available and allow you to adjust your strap size without taking off the watch.

  • Compatible with most watch straps, no modification needed
  • Can be adjusted on the wrist
  • 3mm of micro-adjustment that lands between standard hole spacing
  • 316L stainless steel
  • Includes installed spring bar + 1 spare

A note about buckle size:

For non-tapered (straight) watch straps, select the Fitwell buckle size that corresponds with your strap width. For tapered straps, we recommend measuring your existing buckle width inside the buckle, or the strap itself where the buckle attaches, and choosing the Fitwell buckle size that matches. Typically tapered straps measure 2mm - 4mm narrower at the buckle than at the lugs. For example, if your 20mm strap (at the lugs) tapers to 16mm at the buckle, a 16mm Fitwell buckle would be the correct size.

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Customer Reviews

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Ingenious product. It’s exactly what I needed for my straps. This gets the extra half hole size to get the perfect fit. I will be buying many more.

Ashish Agrawal
Great concept, great product

Very well finished buckle, works as expected. Great customer service when questions arise.